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     The Specialist

Began my journey as a house party deejay with Active Force Sounds System. This sounds system group was inspired by talented deejays such as

David Rodgan.

Having the opportunity to be a member of Active Force enabled me to learn, grow and master my craft in the deejay profession. Through regular practicing i was able to master the mic and enhance my mixing style, which has made me be the entertainer i am today! In early 2001 The Specialist and Davy Diamond joined CHOICE FM. We presented the legendary After Party Mix Show. This popular show was presented every Saturday from 3am until 6am. This was part of the developmental and progressive stage of The Specialist.

DJ Diamond

Hi music lovers! I am one of the top Jazz Steel Pan instrumentalist and enjoy listening to and learning from my icon on Steel Pans- The great Len Boogsie Sharpe and the other vectren steel pan soloists established and developing. 
I love jazz music and my roots are from growing up around Caribbean (St. Lucian and Jamaican) Music, as well as international music filtering throughout my existence. I enjoy music that has been passed down, or learned, through singing and dancing. The Djmbi is the instrument I play when relaxing. I can reach great highs and depths while playing Djembi. I look forward to putting down some recordings of my current Caribbean J@zz Quintet Pan-Ultimate just



I have been collecting music since 1993 and all types of music. The music I like to collect is zouk soca reggae and soul and a lot more. I started djing in party's 2002 especially house parties. So I have joined snapbackfm.co.uk you can catch me Saturdays between 7pm till 10 pm & Sunday 2pm-5pm Thanks for listening

       Dj Tibzz

From a child, I have always been surrounded by music. Whether it be my mum playing country, soca and reggae on a Sunday or my sisters tuning into pirate radio to hear soul and rare groove. I've always collected music from vinyl to tapes, CDs and now mp3s. I grew up and raved mostly to RnB during the 90s but always knew 70s and 80s soul music definitely touched my soul. So as l got older, I kept going back discovering soul music and being amazed by what I heard. Even to this day, I will still get up early on the weekend before anyone else, make myself a coffee put on my headphones and take a journey to find new old music and listen out for new tunes which have that same feel.

Freddy Di General